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What to wear - families

But what do I wear? This question comes up time and time again and for good reason! Wardrobe can really take your photos to the next level. I want you to feel beautiful and so confidnent on that day! Having your photos taken professionally isn't something you do everyday, so why not dress up a little?!

Ok. Let's start at the beginning, with you beautiful mamas! Start with yourself. You know what I'm hinting at right..... shopping time! Pick out your dress or top first. Find something that you feel beautiful in, once you've found the one then you can start planning the rest of the family.

First and foremost be comfortable, be confident and be yourself. With that being said. I can't recommend dresses enough. I get what your thinking.... I NEVER wear dresses. I get it because I don't either! BUT I ALWAYS do for photos.


1. Life.

Dresses add movement. Life. Interest. They blow in the breeze, as you walk they move and flow, you can toss them, twirl, sway they add that little bit of visual interest and can act as your own prop for many different poses.

2. How they make you feel.

Even if dresses aren't your thing, there is just something about them that make your feel feminine, confident and just pretty. Us moms spend SO much time on our babies (and we are happy to do so) it is a real treat when we can spend some extra time on ourselves and dress up!

Ok. Now you have a dress. Now what?

Color palette.

If you dress or top has a pattern, use that as a starting off point to choosing your color palette. If you have a solid then same thing, use that solid as your inspiration for your palette. Pick 3-4 colors that you love and that coordinate with your dress.

Now start to mix and match. Patterns, neutrals and solids. Try and have a little of each represented. But not to much of one of them. Don't do all solids or all patterns. Instead start with your patterned dress then find a good solid that goes with. If you have more then one solid pick out then dress them up with buttons or a cardigan something that gives it a little texture or interest. Adding texture, interest or some sort of an accessory is almost always a good idea.

Hint: Make sure that every outfit can go with another. What I mean is every photos isn't going to be of your entire family in the frame. So make sure your dress pairs well with Johnnys outfit and make sure Johnnys outfit looks good with sister Claire.

So. Here is the down and dirty.

*Try not to be to matchy matchy

*Stay away from everyone wearing blue jeans - opt for shorts, dresses, tan pants, white, grey, khaki etc.

*White isn't the only neutral. Browns, grey, cream, taupe, tan, sage... there are lots of other options

*Texture, layers and interest! These things are ALWAYS a good idea! They look like, buttons, lace, hats, jewelry, cardigans, jackets, scarfs, belts all the good stuff!

*Try to stay away from all solid or all pattern, instead mix and match!

*Pick pieces that are YOU and represent your family and your style.

When in doubt ask your photographer! We are here to help and want you to LOVE your images, we don't mind giving some suggestions. :)

Happy shopping!


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