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A love like this.

I have really been developing a passion for motherhood. The whole gig, bump to baby and beyond. Probably because that is the season of life I'm in, it just speaks to my heart. It's no secret that mommy and me sessions get me all sorts of giddy. What is it about them!? The cute littles running around? The mama bird and her unique combination of strength and tenderness? The way they interact? Their love? The connection that I can see in front of me and then relive it again in the images I capture? I don't know, probably a little of all of these things. But what I do know is when I can deliver a gallery of memories forever frozen in time to a mama, it touches my own mama heart in the best way.

This sweet summertime sunset mommy and me session was so much fun. Lindsey is a dear friend of mine, and I will never ever get tired of photographing her sweet family. Her babies are growing so incredibly fast, and I'm honored to be able to capture and freeze for her some of these priceless memories.

Interested in booking your own session?

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Can't wait to freeze your special moments, so you will be able to relive them for a lifetime.


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