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What to wear *Fall Addition*

Fall is in the air you guys! Today I had candles burning, a giant cozy sweatshirt on and hot cocoa in my hand, and I'm not upset about it! I love summer and never want it to end so quickly. But a little crisp in the air always feels refreshing and clean and once I feel it I crave it. So lets talk about one of the most intimidating parts of your upcoming session. WHAT DO I WEAR!? If that is you, you're in the right place!

I have compiled some of my favorite fall looks as well as my favorite shops both local and online. So grab your hot cocoa and your extra chunky cozy blanket and lets do this!

First tip. Mamas we are starting with you. First off because you are probably the most excited about your upcoming session and second off because if mama feels beautiful it's like a trickle effect and everything else seems to "fall" into place. (See what I did there..wink..wink..)

Don't be afraid of color mamas! And think tones that are a little earthy and natural. Here are just a few fall looks I am loving.

Some of my go to shops for dresses are,, and You can also get lucky and score some amazing dresses at TJ Maxx, marshals and Ross.

I always recommend a dress because of the movement it allows in images. It is also a the best way to fancy yourself up just a little for your session. But if dresses are just not your thing I understand that also. Think cozy sweaters and boots, jean jackets, cardigans and hats.

For the dude in your life. Plaid, flannels, sweaters, jackets, henley's, these are all good options.

Image via Pinterest, showing how to layer henley with plaid/flannel and have a great variety of plaid/flannel options

For your little girly, is one of my favorites. Think dresses or skirts with tights. Mixing skirts and chunky sweaters is always cute too! Pictured (L) and (M) are (R) is a pinterest photo showing an example of skirts mixed with sweaters and tights. I also love and (for tights),, and are always good too!

Patterns and colors like this are beautiful for fall. This dress is from and the best part is it's a mama in Spokane! Her clothing is adorable and super high quality, and she's amazing!

For your little boy. Think layers again, plaids with vests or jackets and sweaters with plaid underneath popping through.

Alright mama now you're armed with some killer outfit inspiration! Decide on yours first and then start on the family. Pick outfits the compliment but are not to matchy. Think about mixing solids and neutrals with color pops and patterns. Add in an accessory or 4. ;)

And most importantly know that you are beautiful and you are about to freeze some memories in time that you will never get back. They will never be this little again and you will never be at the same point in your life that you are right now. Family photos are an investment, the best kind of investment. Bring on all the beautiful fall photos!

See you soon!

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