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Brand new.

Babies don't keep. Isn't this the truth mamas? It is mind blowing how much babies change EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. That is why I'm so passionate about newborn photography. I look back at the images I took of my own daughter and am blown away. Little details that I have forgotten about live in those images. Those teeny tiny details is what it's all about.

Sweet baby Hayden was an absolute dream, she filled my heart so full and watching her older siblings interact with her was just the sweetest thing. This little girl just wanted her mama. One week old and their bond was already so strong, as soon as her mama picked her up you could see her little body relax and she would drift off into dreamland. Cue heart explosion.

This newborn session took place in my in home studio space. It is a great option and included in my newborn packages. My studio comes ready to go with snacks, a changing table, props and is temperature controlled and optimized for sleepy babies (that means nice and toasty!). I have a sound machine running, and am slowly building more and more outfit options for my newborn client closet. If you have any questions regarding my studio space or are interested in booking your newborn session click here

I would love to be considered to be part of such a special time in your life.


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