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All about those sunset minis

Is there really anything better then warm summer nights?! Let me answer that for ya... nope! At least not for me, they are my favorite! I was so excited to host some sunset minis in mid June to kick off the summer season. They were an absolute blast, and I want to share them with you!

I kicked off the minis with the gorgeous Berg family. They all piled out of the car and I instantly was so excited! They nailed their wardrobe choices, they mixed patterns with solids, textures and accessories and the colors were to die for. Picking the right outfits for your session can absolutely push it to the next level! Such a fun family! I had a blast and left their session with a giant smile on my face!

Up next was a couple shoot!! You know if you're ever looking for a new exciting idea for a date night, you should think about doing a couple shoot before your night out! Such a fun and different way to enjoy each other, to play, flirt, cuddle, laugh and smoooooooch! (wink, wink). Taylor is one of my closest and dearest friends, so whenever I get the chance to photograph her and her hubby you know I get all excited! We laughed the entire session. So much fun!

I ended the minis with a stunning mama about to welcome her little boy into the world. She wore a beautiful black dress with the cutest macrame earrings that added a BRILLANT pop of color to her outfit. We instantly hit it off and chatted throughout the entire session. I have a special place in my heart for maternity sessions. There is just something about a mama with a baby bump that makes my heart so incredibly happy. And the most exciting part of this one was that just a few weeks later I had the honor of photographing her darling baby boy in my studio. How special is that! Annnnnnnd to top it all off she sent me the link to her earrings... cuz.... I'm obsessed!!!

These summer months go so fast here in the PNW! My light loving self is trying to capture as much warmth, light, laughter and joy as I can.

If you are interested in inquiring for your own session click the link and shoot me a message.



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