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Bun in the oven.

Alright you guys. Cats out of the bag. (Is that the expression???? haha sounds funny typing it!?) I am CONVINCED I have the best clients. I swear I leave almost every session thinking.... would it be weird if I asked her if she wanted to have a play date??? Or.... maybe I should see if she wants to do lunch sometime! I leave so many sessions feeling like I just made a new friend! This session was no exception! I instantly fell in love with this darling family and their sweet boy! My favorite thing about him was, he LOVED my camera. He wanted to see all his pictures as the session went on. I'm certain he's got a future in photography if he wants it! So gosh darn cute!!!

This family session was a little extra special though. It was also a reveal! They are expecting baby #2 and I'm over the moon excited for them!!! Going through these images made me regret not having a reveal session for my daughter. It's so crazy how fast moments like these pass. At least for this family they can go back year after year and remember this season of life and these incredibly precise moments.

Lifestyle family sessions are one of my favorite things to photrograph. I get to hang out with you and the ones you love most in a beautiful location. Each session is unique, never are two alike because each family interacts differently and comes bringing their own energy and dynamics. It's the best thing to be a part of, really! 

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